I know what you’re thinking.

How does he consistently find that sweet spot between contextual subjects I can relate to and sharp humour that warms my insides? Also, why does he sometimes spell some words in traditional English and others in American English?

Relax. This shit is really easy and for the most part I steal all my jokes off of the internet. In fact, the hardest part of writing is working out whether to put a comma before or after the quotation marks in a sentence. It’s something that I’ll likely never master, and have concluded that as a patchwork solution in lieu of an adequate education, I won’t be quoting people in any of my posts.

Welcome to Tom’s Blogs.

I tend to write a lot about business, but you’ll find that over time I’ll begin to explore other areas that interest me. It just so happens that business was on my mind when I opened up my computer to start writing two years ago. I was lucky enough that some of my posts were picked up by WordPress, and I was featured as a Freshly Pressed blogger over the millions of other blogs out there. My meteoric rise to fame didn’t quite reap the rewards I had anticipated. But, you know, we’ll get there. I’ve written for a handful of different websites and blogs since then. Still not famous.


I encourage you to read through and comment and critique as much or as little as you so choose. If you have additional information on a subject, criticism over a thought or argument I’ve made, or just want to say hello, there are strategically placed ‘comment’ buttons at the bottom of each post that will allow you to do so. If you enjoy my writing (or hate it, whatever), and want to share it with a friend, there are buttons for that, too. I just ask that you be very clear in explaining that this is my writing and should in no way be credited to the guy who invented MySpace.

If you seriously have no idea who I am and have been reading through the first six paragraphs of this bio wondering when the hell this guy is going to introduce himself, then I apologise. I figured only my Mum would read this. My name is Tom and I’m a 25 year old Australian lad living in San Francisco.

In my traditional Australian dress

What brought me to San Francisco is a long story, something that I should probably write about one day, but the short story will do for now. I grew up in a small town called Crookwell, wedged somewhere between Canberra and Sydney. I am the middle child of three, with an older brother, Jack, and younger sister, Claerwen. I spent my childhood doing Australian things like chasing kangaroos around and throwing shrimp on the barbie. As I got older, I became more involved in sport and started to dream of a life as an athlete. I got involved in as many sports as possible, but found most success playing soccer. When I was eighteen, I shipped off to the United States in pursuit of my dream to become a professional soccer player. Though that may not have worked out, I was lucky to have used what skill I had to get over here in the first place.

My life has been full of wonderful and expansive journeys with family, friends, and on my own. My parents took us around the world as often as possible, flooding our lives with limitless possibility and fueling the inevitable wanderlust that would see us all living abroad at one time or another.

When I think about what I want to achieve in life, there aren’t any concrete achievements, accolades or milestones that jump out at me. What’s clear to me, and is something that underpins all decisions I make, is that I want to be able to tell good stories about the things I’ve done. I want experiences to litter my years as they roll by and to subsequently annoy the shit out of my grandchildren as I recount my adventures to them, with poor memory and sheer geriatric persistence behind a constant retelling of the same old anecdote. It’s not too much to ask, and for the most part, it’s all within my control.

On that note, I must get going. Please don’t take anything I say on here seriously. Unless of course you find it to be thought-provoking, insightful or cutting edge. In that case, take it very, very seriously.